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Get the Spring Account for 18-24 year olds
and find out how to make it big out of little

Don’t Just Make a Choice, Make the Right Choice with the Spring Account

Just turned 18? Open a Spring Account with as little as LBP 20,000 and access your money anytime, anywhere while enjoying many benefits and discounts. The account has been upgraded with new features and offers that fit your active lifestyle.

For only LBP 3,000 or USD 2 a month, you get

  • A current account in LBP or USD
  • A free contactless debit card, that you can simply tap to pay with
  • Free SMS Alert Service (for the first 6 months), to monitor your card’s transactions
  • Free access to your account through our e-banking solutions: Audi Online and the Bank Audi mobile app
  • Free e-Statement of Account every 3 months
  • Free access to PinPay (for the first 6 months), our mobile payment solution
USD 5 Cashback
You will get every month a refund of USD 5 on selected online stores, at any MEDCO/Phoenicia gas station or on your mobile phone. All you have to do is spend a minimum of LBP 25,000.
Terms & conditions apply
Loyalty Program
  • Receive a 300-point welcome bonus upon your first purchase with your Spring debit card
  • You will receive 1 point for every USD 10 spent on the card
  • You can redeem your points against valuable gifts from the Audi Rewards catalogue
Discounts at Selected Merchants
  • crepaway
    10% discount on the bill at Crepaway, including special offers on promotional items
  • Deli
    10% discount on the bill at Deli Co. & Burger Co.
  •  Wooden Bakery
    15% discount on the bill at Wooden Bakery and Woodbees, excluding combo deals and promotional items
  • Grand Cinema
    LBP 2,000 off tickets at Grand Cinemas
  • RPM
    20% discount on rides at RPM Karting
  • izzat Daouk
    15% on all items and services offered and bought at Izzat Daouk for the first 6 months, excluding promotional and discounted items, in addition to a special rate on makeup during holidays
  • Beytech
    Up to 20% discount at Beytech, excluding promotional items
  • Optic Kassouf
    20% discount at Optic Kassouf & Co., excluding contact lenses
  • Football
    15% discount at the Football Shop, in store and online
  • Doculand
    10% discount at Doculand on all items and services offered and bought
  • maliks
    10% discount at Malik’s on all items and services offered and bought, excluding promotional and discounted items
  • formatech
    30% off training courses and workshops at Formatech (excluding private courses and those already on promotion)
Career Development Workshops
You will have the opportunity to attend workshops and earn certificates upon attending them. They will boost your:
  • Presentation & Communication Skills
  • Team-work, Time Management & Interpersonal Skills
  • Problem-solving, Strategic Planning & Negotiation Skills
  • Leadership & Critical Thinking Skills

To know and register to our workshops, please email us on
CSR Volunteer Program
Give back to the community with Bank Audi’s CSR Unit, volunteer, impact lives and earn certificates that look good on your CV and can help boost your career.

To learn more about our volunteer programs and sign up, please email us on
Internship Program
This program offers diverse internship opportunities at Bank Audi. Registration starts in February 2019 and the internship process follows the Human Resources Department’s criteria.

If you are interested, kindly register on Bank Audi’s Career website:


We are looking for young and motivated individuals to join our team of ambassadors and represent the Spring community. It is the right opportunity for you to gain valuable sales experience, earn commissions, enjoy benefits and attend various events.



Once you turn 24, you will be migrated to another Bank Account that best suits you while still benefitting from our preferential rates on a wide range of products and services.
after 24


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